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Popular Varieties of Biltong You Should Know

There are a lot of people around the world who love biltong. This unique meat-based snack was traditionally made using beef, however, there are several other types of meat from which biltong can be made. The reason for choosing beef is due to the texture and taste it provides. Biltong has both a sweet and savory taste, with hints of rich spices. The beef texture on the other hand can be either soft and juicy or crumbly and tough. This is due to the fact that beef is available widely and is cost effective. Chicken, ostrich, game, and fish all have been used for making biltong. Halal jerky biltong is also quite popular. Biltong can also be made without meat. For vegetarians out there, mushroom biltong is a nice option that has the same texture and looks to that of traditional beef biltong.


Below we are going to have a look at a few of the popular varieties of biltong that you should be aware of. Every biltong you would read about is quite different and unique. Without any delay, let's dive in!


  • Fish Biltong


Fish biltong, also known as “bokkoms” is made by using whole mullet, a common type of fish that is found in South Africa. Firstly, the fish is dried in the sun and wind and you can start eating it after peeling off the skin. This delicacy is the same as dried herring and can be added in pasta, soups, sandwiches, or on its own.


  • Chicken Biltong


Chicken biltong is a combination of paprika, salt, Worcester sauce, pepper, and sugar that creates a flavourful and unique taste. This is contrary to the use of salt and vinegar in the beef curing process due to which it has become a staple of the biltong flavor. The chicken biltong is an amazing tender alternative to the beef biltong. It is perfect for those who want to have something tough and chewy. If this is what you like then go for chicken biltong!


  • Mushroom Biltong


The mushroom biltong is a great alternative for all the vegetarians out there. It is made in the same manner as that of traditional biltong by using marinade, spices, and then drying. For meat lovers, mushrooms would also provide the same experience due to their similar chewy texture as meat. Due to this, it is the perfect substitute! There are certain health benefits of vegetarian biltong just like the traditional biltong. The mushroom biltong is quite helpful in improving the functioning of the immune system, and also helps in managing weight.


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