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Top Tips for Keeping Your Biltong in Best Condition

Do you love biltong and are wondering how to keep it in top condition for the longest time? Then you have definitely come to the right place! Biltong is dried meat which means that storing it can be a hassle-free process. However, in order to get the best out of it, there are certain tips that you need to know. Follow them before you buy the best meat for Biltong. So, without further ado, let's get started!

  • Take Care of the Moisture

Firstly, it is always better to know how you like to enjoy your halal biltong. If you are someone who likes having it in a ‘moist’ style then you might not be able to keep it for long. Although the biltong will not go bad and become unfit for you to consume, it will start drying slowly with time and have an impact on the taste. To make sure your biltong is moist and perfect, the best storage option is by using a home vacuum sealer and then keeping it in the fridge.

  • Choose the Best Storage Options

For most typical styles of biltong, there are two main types of characteristics that you need to keep in mind for creating storage. These include cool and dry. When you keep the biltong dry any sort of mold issues can be avoided. Whereas, when the temperature is cool the risk of fat going rancid can be reduced. Also, keeping the biltong of UV light will protect the taste from getting degraded. You should store biltong in a dry, clean, and brown paper bag on the countertop. Paper is always a better choice than plastic as it can ‘breathe’. However, if you want to store the biltong in a bowl, lining the bowl with a kitchen towel will prove beneficial. To keep the pests away, seal the bowl.

  • Take Regular Care

Regularly shaking or stirring your stored biltong after a few days, especially when it is moist, will keep it in the best condition. This will make sure the moisture doesn't pool and lead to the formation of nasties and also enables the biltong to breathe.

  • Freeze Your Biltong

In order to keep the biltong for a longer time, getting it to vacuum sealed and placing it in the fridge will be helpful. For all those who want to store the biltong for more than a week then keeping it in the freezer is the way to go. The biltong can even be frozen for a year, however, it can have an impact on the texture. Defrosting it on a paper towel will ensure the biltong doesn’t get wet.

  • Maintain High Levels of Hygiene

Washing your hands and utensils before you store your best beef for biltong will make it last longer. It will also prevent the possibility of it getting attacked by germs that might get into the bag.

  • Store in a Glass Jar

In case you don't have a paper bag, you can store biltong for sale near me in a jar and keep a culinary cloth or paper towel over the jar's top with the help of an elastic band. Leaving the biltong on the shelf can seem like the easy way out. But on exposure to light, the taste of the biltong can deteriorate. Therefore, leaving it in a dark place like a cupboard.

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