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Why Monty’s

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What is Biltong?

Biltong originated in South Africa. It allows you to enjoy premium, tender beef in its most pure form. We start with top quality beef that is then seasoned and marinated for a sensational tasty flavor. It’s then air dried to perfection and cut into flawless pieces to enjoy. Compared to beef jerky, biltong is healthier, is sugar free, has more protein, has no artificial flavors or preservatives, is gluten free, has an exceptional tender texture and taste so much better.

What Makes Our Biltong Different

Zero Sugar

Most snacks and even jerky is filled with added sugars. We are proud to be sugar free.Providing a healthier, tastier snack that your body will love as much as you do.

Loaded With Protein

The air drying process allows the beef to retain more protein than beef jerky. Each 2oz package of our biltong contains 31 grams of protein which is 30% more than the leading beef jerky, making for the perfect protein filled snack.

Gluten Free, Keto & Paleo Friendly

For those looking for a keto and or paleo snack biltong is the perfect option. Our biltong is high in protein, with virtually no carbs per serving, and did we mention we’re gluten free?

All Natural

We believe in providing a tasty snack for you to enjoy without having to worry what you’re putting into your body. Which is why we don’t use any artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, MSG, and nitrates, and strive to enjoy our beef snack using our all natural spices and seasonings.

First And Only Certified Halal Biltong In USA

Monty’s Biltong is the first and only certified halal biltong in the United States.